Advance Property Tax Solution

Learn how PTP addresses property tax challenges faced by Retail companies

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Advance Property Tax Solution
Advance Property Tax Solution
Advance Property Tax Solution

Tax Bill Processing

Use automated bill processing that leverages intelligent data extraction, account mapping, and data validations.

Intelligent Payments

Leverage Intelligent Bill Payment System (IBPS) with rule-based amount tolerance or missing bill alerts, multi-level approvals and seamless accounts payable integration.

Appeal Management

Automate assessment notice processing and manage appeals to increase savings.

Filing Reports Management

Manage state and local assessment reports, and automatically generate reports for each state.

About Property Tax Plus (PTP)

The most comprehensive property tax management solution


The most advance payment system that saves time, improves accuracy and increases saving


PTP is a comprehensive solution that will seamlessly integrate different property tax workflows using state-of-the-art technologies. We will further customize features to ensure any additional requirements are met.


Automated workflows built into the system will help increase the efficiency of your team and lead directly to time savings. The system’s intuitive user interface with drag/drop, filter, and drill down options is easy to use.

Optimize Cash Flows

Datagain has developed our in-house Intelligent Bill Payment System that automates scheduling of payments closer to their actual due date using a seamless integration with the AP system. This significantly improves cash flows, as payments are made close to their due dates.

Informed Decisions

The solution will be designed for informed decision making. It will provide access to an advanced analytics module that will help the user access real-time reports and data to make correct decisions.


Datagain will design and develop a comprehensive solution that will seamlessly integrate different workflows using state-of-the-art technologies.

Domain Experience

Datagain has proven experience delivering technology solutions in property tax systems. Our senior management has more than 50 years of experience in the property tax domain.


Complete training and multitier technical support will be included as part of the solution. This will include self-help for citizens paying utility bills.

Security Compliance

Datagain’s current systems built fully comply with global data security and access control standards.

Unlimited Users and Storage

Datagain’s system will offer unlimited user access and unlimited storage. Multiple years’ data will be archived in the system and can be accessed anytime from anywhere.

Automated Bill Processing

Improve efficiency and accuracy of your tax bills payments



  • Fully automated bill processing
  • Enhanced accuracy
  • Quick turnaround
  • Centralized web access
  • Advance search
  • Seamless data transfers
  • Installments, penalties and discounts
  • Integrated Do Not Pay bills
  • Data export
  • Advance reporting

Intelligent Bill Payment System (IBPS)

The most advance payment system that saves time, improves accuracy and increases savings

Automated Bill Processing

Use automated bill processing that leverages intelligent data extraction, account mapping, and data validations.

Customize Payment Approval Levels

Configure required approval levels for payment based on the amount range. For example, smaller amounts can be approved by managers only, while larger amounts will require director-level approval in addition to manager approval.

Missing Bill Alerts

Automate notifications to alert bills that have not been received ahead of their expected due dates to minimize late fee penalties.

Rule-Based Tolerance Alerts

Set intelligent rules based on state, county, tax collector, and amount/assessment to trigger tolerance alerts for bills that have larger than expected variance.

Intelligent Installment Scheduling

Automate scheduling of payments based on their actual due dates. Approved installment bills have their individual installments processed for payment prior to their individual due dates, improving cash flows significantly.

Seamless Accounts Payable Integration

Export scheduled payments automatically to your accounts payable (AP) system through seamless data transfers for check processing, and receive back-feed files from AP with updated check numbers.

Check Management

Upload check images to their corresponding invoices to track complete payment history.

Integrated System Calendars

Access multiple system calendars to review upcoming payment due dates, scheduled payments, appeal events, etc. in a calendar view, and plan your property taxes more efficiently.

Powerful Reporting

Find easy access to information for decision making through state-of-the-art analytics and reporting modules. Leverage charts, graphs, and variance reports, and run custom queries.

Comprehensive Returns Management

We customize development of property returns for each state and county

Assessment Notice and Appeal Management

Automate notice processing and appeal management to reduce assessments and increase savings.

Assessment Notice and Appeal Management

Notice Processing

Automate assessment notices and set rules to trigger appeals based on increases in assessments over specific thresholds

Appeal Savings

Track appeal savings and perform analysis to make informed decisions

Multiple Appeals

Multiple Appeals

Automatically create multiple appeals across properties with a single click

Appeal Events

Automatic notifications and integrated appeal calendar to track events

Advance Analytics and Reporting

Leverage a powerful cloud based analytics and reporting platform to obtain advance insights on your payment data.

Advance Analytics and Reporting

Custom Analytics

  • Customize user filters
  • Drag and drop design
  • Pivot tables, charts and grids
  • Share reports
  • Export data to excel or csv
  • Real-time updates

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