County E-Filing System (CEFS)

The most advance and exhaustive electronic filing solution for governments.

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Advance Property Tax Solution
Advance Property Tax Solution
Advance Property Tax Solution
Advance Property Tax Solution

Paperless Filing

Centralized online management of personal, real, and floating property returns.

Asset Reconciliation

Ability to view reports with details on the savings from appeals and view historic trends.

CAMA Integration

Seamless integration with Computer Aided Mass Appraisal Systems.

Inspection Management

Tab application that can be used onsite to inspect properties and report new taxable properties.


The most advance returns system that saves time, improves accuracy and increases savings

Centralized Returns Management

Comprehensive online solution that seamlessly integrates different property return workflows using state-of-the-art technologies and customized for each return.

Reduce Operating Costs

Automated rule-based workflows help improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Increase Tax Collections

Comprehensive field discovery process directly results in identifying new taxable properties to increase collections.

Improve Assessment Accuracy

Improve Assessment Accuracy

Centralize asset assessment management significantly improves accuracy of assessments.

Resolve Value Appeals

Integrated module to track and resolve value appeals raised by taxpayers.

Improve Customer Experience

Easy to use online system to file all returns, requests for information, supporting documents, and customer support for taxpayers


Robust infrastructure that easily scales to handle high volumes and peak loads during the filing season.

Make Informed Decisions

Leverage our powerful Analytics Platform to run custom analytics and reports.

Leverage Technology

Built using cutting edge technologies and robust cloud infrastructure.

Leverage Domain Experience

Datagain has proven experience delivering technology solutions in property tax systems. Our senior management has more than 50 years of experience in the property tax domain.

Training and Support

Complete training and multitier technical support will be included as part of the solution.

Security Compliance

Complete compliance with global security and access control standards.

Unlimited Users and Storage

Datagain’s system will offer unlimited user access and unlimited storage. Multiple years’ data will be archived in the system and can be accessed anytime from anywhere.

Enhance Taxpayer Experience

Centralized, easy to use interface for taxpayers



  • eFiling for all returns
  • Centralized asset lists management
  • Ability to make mass changes
  • Upload supplemental documents
  • Delegate to third parties
  • Easy to use interfaces
  • Integrated self-help and training
  • File amendments
  • Download paper forms
  • Access historic returns

Returns Management Features

The most advance returns management system that saves time, improves accuracy and tax collection


Leverage a web-based system to manage all property returns from anywhere, at any time for Commercial/Industrial Personal Property, Industrial Machinery & Equipment and related Real Property assets, Floating Property and Commercial Moorages

Asset List Management

Track life cycles of assets and easily add new assets or retire/transfer existing assets.

Recode and Reconcile Values

Easily recode and categorize assets. Configure rules that can automatically reconcile assets each year to significantly reduce the manual reconciliation process.

Asset Value Alerts

Rule based alerts to identify assets where reported value exceeds the expected depreciation year-over-year.

Inspection Management

Advance inspection management app that can work offline to verify onsite properties and identify new taxable properties

Data Migration

Migration support to move data from your current filing system to our robust, paperless electronic system

CAMA System Integration

Seamlessly integrate with your CAMA system.

Information Management

Request information from taxpayers and manage responses and supplement documents from a central location.

Complete Form Management

Complete Form Management

Easilty change the form data fields or design using drag-and-drop interface. Add validations and controls to improve data accuracy.

User Management

Control user access to different functionalities, and configure the system to be in compliance with your organization’s access policies and requirements.

Advance Search

Search, sort, or filter information using advance intelligent keyword searches.

Data Export

Export data easily in different formats, such as Excel, text, or CSV formats.

Powerful Reporting

Find easy access to information for decision making through state-of-the-art analytics and reporting modules. Leverage charts, graphs, and variance reports, and run custom queries.



Get more accurate estimates of future bill payments with our forecasting tools.

Field Inspection

Mobile and tab application that can be used onsite to inspect properties and report new taxable properties.

Advance Property Tax Solution

Centralized Management

Manage all inspections from a central location, track asset history and schedule inspections.


Mobile and tablet compatible app that can work offline to inspect and gives access to asset lists reported.

Asset Identification

Asset Identification

Easily identify and add new taxable properties with in-built image capture and supporting documents uploads.

Asset Verification

Verify existing assets to confirm quality and accuracy of reporting.

Advance Analytics and Reporting

Leverage a powerful cloud based analytics and reporting platform to obtain advance insights on your appeals data.

Advance Analytics and Reporting

Custom Analytics

  • Assessment value trends
  • Appeal won/lost summary
  • Customize user filters
  • Drag and drop design
  • Pivot tables, charts and grids
  • Share reports
  • Export data to excel or csv
  • Real-time updates

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