Experience the power of

Generative AI in Data Extraction.

Convert complex documents to structured data effortlessly.

Tax Document Extraction

Process tax bills with more precision using our AI powered extraction
Transform even low-quality scans into usable data using Advanced Image Recognition & Error Handling
Go beyond basic extraction, capturing essential details from
footnotes and annotations seamlessly
Convert tax bills from formats like pdf, xml and images to Excel, csv and json

Bill Data Processing

Experience instant tax bill processing. Effortlessly
accommodate high volume of transactions
Reduce manual errors with smart automation that
continually evolves
and adapts
Take faster decisions through streamlined validation and comprehensive analytics
Optimize your workflows and release your team from
tedious manual inputs
Cost reduction
Time Saved
Docs Processed

Case Study

Discover how a leading fintech AP automation company transformed their processes with our technology

From battling OCR inaccuracies and language barriers to achieving 99% precision in invoice processing while maintaining less than a 24 hour turnaround – explore how our collaboration paved the way for their global expansion and a surge to 200,000+ invoices processed monthly

Improve invoice processing accuracy from

70% to 99%

Reduce operations cost by


Reduce operations time by


Maintained turnaround time of

24 Hours

Security and Compliance

End to end encryption

Our architecture safeguards core security principles, ensures end-to-end protection for vital documents, and prioritizes data privacy

Compliance requirements

Hosted on AWS GovCloud ensuring compliance with FedRAMP High baseline and the most stringent US government compliance requirements

GDPR and HIPAA compliance

Protect data privacy with AWS cloud-native automation, encryption of sensitive information and essentials-only cloud storage

Intelligent Automation At Every Stage

Pre Processing

AI based classification of documents for accurate categorization into predefined categories

Pre Processing

Data Extraction




Online Portal

I have been using their Intelligent Document Processing solution for our business, and I must say it has been a game-changer. The accuracy and efficiency with which it processes and extracts data from various tax documents are truly commendable. It has saved us countless hours of manual data entry and significantly reduced the chances of human error

Joe G. LaValle Property Appraiser, Taylor County

As a professional in the legal industry, I deal with a massive amount of documents daily. Datagain’s Intelligent Document Processing has been a lifesaver for me. It has completely transformed the way I handle and organize documents. The system's advanced capabilities accurately capture and extract critical information from contracts, agreements, and legal documents

Director of Enablement & Training Leading Fintech company
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